Thank You!

The Fenians of Northern Kentucky, Inc, 

and Turfway Race Course

thank the following for participating in

Irish Day At The Races 2008

  •  - Our sponsors who      

through their generosity helped us 

to cover many expenses for the event:

Miller Coors Brewing Co.(Stagnaro Dist. Co.)

Molly Malone's Irish Pub (Covington, KY)

Without them - NO EVENT!

  • -The crowds of people young and old,

Irish and not so Irish, who attended the

Irish Day At The Races.

Without you - NO EVENT!

  • - The many volunteers both from the     

Fenians and not from the Fenians

who worked tirelessly to make

our event a success.

Without you - NO EVENT!

  • - The fantastic array of highly talented   

entertainers who appeared on our stage.

  The variation and individuality

was spectacular and crowd pleasing.

Without you - NO EVENT!

  • - The  Vendors who took the time and 

effort to come to our event.  We 

hope it was a positive experience and 

that you will join us next year.

Without you - NO EVENT!

Slán agus beannacht leat