Fenians of Northern Kentucky, Inc

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      The Fenians of Northern Kentucky, Inc. is a non-profit Irish Heritage Cultural Organization open to people interested in all things Irish.  We actively solicit members with such interests, who subscribe to the Aims and Objectives of our Organization.  
      The Fenians are involved in most areas of Irish culture through its various and many activities throughout the year.  In which of the following areas are you more interested? 
 Circle those areas where you are more interested or would like to be involved:  history, art, music, language, genealogy, poetry, government, architecture, sports, food, and theatre
 I hereby apply for admission to the Fenians of Northern Kentucky, Inc.  I promise to abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the Corporation.
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General member (18 & older) $25.00/Yr
Family (Husband $ Wife) $40.00/Yr
Senior member(65 or older) $20.00/Yr
Student member $10.00/Yr
Make check payable to:
Fenians of Northern KY, Inc
PO Box 17731
Covington, KY 41017